Eastern medicine & permaculture services
Eastern medicine &
permaculture services

Rinsho Shin, medicine and body massage , was developed during master zen Ungo Doyo life ( Yun Chu Tao Jong – 902 year ). Until present only monks were familiar with rinsho-shin and had never passed on this method outside their monasteries. Many acupuncture practicioners had worked to master the method. It was used by monks before start of every season to generate energy and stay in good health. It was improved in old Japan by incorporating shiatsu-a therapy known as acupuncture without needles. Some elements of rinsho shin are used in japanese hospitals.

Rinsho-shin was transmitted to the west by Roshi Taisen Deshimaru and now his work is continued by his student master Kaisen.
Rinsho-shin consist od 3 sets of technics that need to be given in order:

  • 1. Muscular system regulation, regulation of tendons and ligaments
  • 2. Circulatory and digestive system regulation
  • 3. Nervous system regulation
Roshi Taisen Deshimaru One rinsho-shin session takes
from 45 min to 1h.

Sessions can be arranged at my home fethard co.tipperary or at your location.